Vitaire for allergy and asthma relief.........
. . . Reducing allergens in the air

..air purifier for allergy and asthma

Vitaire air purifier has been recommended by allergy doctors for 30 years
...Why do doctors recommend Vitaire for allergy?

..Allergy doctors have referred Vitaire air purifiers for 30 years
...In 1978 the Vitaire hepa air purifier was accepted for exhibition at the Technical Exhibits.
...of the American College of Allergy's Annual Meeting. Since then allergy doctors have
...referred the Vitaire air purifier for environmental control for allergy and asthma related dust, dust mites, mold, grass, tree and ragweed pollen, as well as dog, cat and other
...animal dander. This PROFESSIONAL purifier is NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES.

   Vitaire also is a leader in allergy and asthma relief products.

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